Connect will be gearing up for a relaxed short-term small group experience June 5 through July 14.  Whether you haven’t had a chance to try out Connect, or you would like to gather with a new group, please consider signing up for a 6 week session this June!  Huddles will choose between the fall and winter studies used this past year; “What are you Looking For?” and “Finding Middle C in our Lives.”  Worried about summer travel or busy activities? It’s perfectly fine if you are unable to be there each and every week.

Connect Huddles will meet at church several times throughout the week: on Sunday mornings before or after services and on Wednesday evenings at 6 p.m. during Meals on the Lawn.  Other weekday times may be added as interest arises.   Join a 6-8 person huddle and let your captains lead you through 6 weekly 60-90 minute sessions, including videos and discussions; each developed and produced by our very own St. John’s pastors. No further commitment!

If you are interested in co-captaining or taking part in a huddle, please contact Alicia Huntley, Connect Coordinator, at or 217.714.4524.  Official signups will take place the week of May 19.