Friday, June 2

Scripture Reading: Ephesians 3:14-21



Today’s reading from Ephesians provides a prayer for us to

come into the Lord's love and to understand its fullness. Past

generations have kept this prayer so that we may use it as well.

It is my hope that you might be able to use this time to re-read

the text provided in this passage. Is there anyone who comes to

mind while you read it that you could pray for? Has anyone

asked you to pray for them lately? If you could, please insert

their name(s) into this prayer as you read it aloud. Perhaps you

could pray for our congregation, that we might continue to know

the love of Christ, that we might reflect on its depth and fullness

and bring him glory.

Please meditate on this scripture as many times as you need for

your devotion today.


Lord, let us feel your presence. Help us to understand your love

so that we can share that knowledge with others. In Jesus' name,



Written by Sam Neahring

Director of Children and Family Ministries