Vision Team: Bill Schlosser (leader), Carol Bushkill, Kurt Flaherty, Janet Moulton, Mary Carol Nika

Staff liaison: Pastor Pam Mitcham


Altar Flower Delivery:

Take flowers to disciples at home and in assisted living facilities.

Rhonda Neubauer: 217.529.6670,

Caregiver Interfaith Volunteer Services:

Assistance for seniors, including rides to medical appointments.

Fran Myers: 789-1961,

College-Age Disciples Outreach:

Sam Simmons: 217.741.2734,

Gourmet Grace:

Meals for disciples with new babies, surgeries, etc.

Angi Resch: 707.718.2052,

Funeral Meals:

Preparing and serving a meal for the family after the funeral service.

Carol Lange: 553-4381,

Marlene Winters: 787-2536,

Keeping in Touch:

Reach out to disciples who have not worshipped recently.

Carolyn Chambers: 217.679.0639,

Knitting Ministry:

Meets most Sunday mornings between services to make prayer shawls for comfort to those in need, pot holders, dish cloths for new disciples, etc.

Lynne Ewan:

Military Disciples Outreach:

Assisting and supporting military members, families and veterans within the congregation.

Andy Miller: 630.253.4134,

Parish Nurse:

Janet Moulton, 217.971.9535,

Prayer Chain:

Disciples who privately lift our congregation's prayer requests up to God each day.

Liz Kelley, 217.483.6685,

Senior Outreach:

Ministers to disciples who can no longer actively attend church. Our goal is to help shut-ins feel a part of St John's family by offering home Communion, friendship visits, phone calls, birthday cards, church literature and recordings of worship services.  

Patti Kelley: 217.585.0986; Rosemary Carlson: 217.679.2853

Stephen Ministry:

One-on-one spiritual and emotional peer support.

Cindy Koonce: 217.553.4719,


Provide rides to worship.

Nancy Ryan: 217.899.3650,

Worship CD Ministry:

Provide CDs of our worship services for anyone who is not able to make it to church.

Time commitment: 15 min. on Sundays; record one service each week.

Qualifications: high school or older.

Carol Lange: 217.553.4381,