Vision Team:

Sharon Cassens (leader), Libby Bee, Chris Groth, Holly Haschemeyer, Kaitlin O’Neill, Lucas O’Neill

Staff liaison: Pastor Adam Connolly


Adult Ministry:

Social activities throughout the year, including theater productions, sporting events and the Nativity Scene Festival.

Leadership team time commitment is two hours per month, plus additional time if choose to work on an event.

Dinner Night Out:

Meets at 6:00 p.m. on the third Tuesday of the month for dinner at various restaurants.

Becky Smith: 217.494.5523 (call for reservations)

Group Loyal:

Meets for Potluck: at 6:00 p.m. in the PLC Lobby on the second Tuesday of each month.

Bob Walbaum: 787-0067, rcw@walbaumlaw.com

Children and Family Ministries:

Sam Neahring: 217.793.3933, sneahring@stjohns-springfield.org

Leadership Team:

Gary Reinbold, Jen Rhoades,

Melissa Roselle, and Mandy Sipes-Saathoff

Sunday School:

Mandy Sipes-Saathoff: 494.1821, masipes@springfieldclinic.com


Alicia Huntley and Melissa Roselle, 



New Disciple Coordinator:

Alison Storm: 217.299.9098, alisonstorm@sbcglobal.net


Small Group Ministries:

Alicia Huntley: 217.793.3933 x208, ahuntley@stjohns-springfield.org

Leadership Team:

Mark Butler, Mike Purdy, Heather Reiss


Youth and Family Ministries:

Pastor Adam Connolly: 217.793.3933 x207, pconnolly@stjohns-springfield.org  


Pastor Greg Busboom: 217.793.3933 x201, pbusboom@stjohns-springfield.org