Vision Team: Leader, Sharon Cassens  -  Carolyn Chambers  -  Chris Groth  -  Holly Haschemeyer  -  Katie O’Neill  -  Lucas O’Neill

Staff liaison: Pastor Greg Busboom


Adult Ministry:

Social activities throughout the year, including Cubs/Cardinals game, Nativity Scene Festival and wine tasting.

Cindy Davies: 341.5360, cynjodavies@aol.com

Dinner Night Out:

Meets at 6:00 p.m. on the third Tuesday of the month for dinner at various restaurants.

Becky Smith: 494.5523 (call for reservations)

Group Loyal

Meets for Potluck: at 6:00 p.m. in the PLC Lobby on the second Tuesday of each month.

Roy Booker, 546.2422

Children and Family Ministries:

Sam Neahring: 217.793.3933; sneahring@stjohns-springfield.org

Leadership Team:

Gary Reinbold, Jen Rhoades,

Melissa Roselle, and Mandy Sipes-Saathoff

Sunday School:

Mandy Sipes-Saathoff


Alicia Huntley and Melissa Roselle



Carol Lange: 553.4381, callycat144@gmail.com

New Disciple Coordinator:

Alison Storm: 299.9098, alisonstorm@sbcglobal.net


Small Group Ministries:

Pastor Adam Connolly: 793.3933 x207, pconnolly@stjohns-springfield.org

Leadership Team:

Alicia Huntley (Leader), Mark Butler,

Heather Reiss


Young Adults Ministry:

Nellie Pieper: nmpieper22@gmail.com

Leadership Team:

Nellie Pieper, Christie Lazarides,

Sundae Johnson


Youth and Family Ministries:

Pastor Adam Connolly: 793.3933 x207, pconnolly@stjohns-springfield.org  


Pastor Greg Busboom: 793.3933 x201, pbusboom@stjohns-springfield.org