Vision Team: Dan Simmons (leader), Dennis Bomke, Lisa Hartzler, Adam Reiss, Tom Rodden, Kristen Schmid Schurter

Staff liaison: Pastor Greg Busboom


Archival Work:

John Stuemke, 217.546-5414,

Financial Health:

Equips disciples with financial wherewithal so they can be good stewards of their own personal finances and better serve others in the community.

Lisa Hartzler, 217.725.3760,

Offering Counters:

Bob Borcherding, 217.546.8615,

Office Volunteers:

Help the church staff and pastors by working in the church office weekly, answering phones, doing computer work (if able), and many other types of jobs. Or, help out as needed for large project such as all-church mailers.

Amanda Lawler, 793.3933 x205,


Mark Books, 217.632.5063,

Flower Beds: tasks may include preparing flower beds, planting, watering, weeding and deadheading, and cleaning beds in fall.

Lawn Care: mowing with hand mower, mowing with riding mower, grass trimming, maintaining trees and shrubs.

Spiritual Gifts:

Help disciples see themselves as uniquely called to ministry by God, who designed them for service.

Kristen Schmid Schurter, 217.793.3933 x217,