Small Groups

We currently have nearly 20 small groups at St. John’s, and this ministry continues to grow!   Through small groups, we find a place to build community, care for one another, and grow closer to God.  Of the small groups currently at St. John’s, many are faith-based Bible studies, some focus on parenting, some include recreational activities, such as golf, while others, like the Home Repair Group, spend most of their time serving others.   There is a group for everyone!  And if there isn’t, we’ll find a way to start one. The Small Group Ministry Leadership Team consists of individuals who care deeply about this ministry and work together to help it grow, while providing support to current small groups.  The team currently consists of Pastor Adam, Mark Butler, Heather Reiss, Mike Purdy, and myself.   We provide trainings and special events, connect with new disciples, and offer support to small group facilitators and members. As a member of several small groups in the past, and as a leader of the Parents in Christ Small Group, I have always felt a strong connection to this ministry and how it connects our disciples with each other and grows their faith. As a small group facilitator, I understand personally how important it is to feel support and connection from the church. I have loved seeing this through with our current small groups, and am so excited about the future growth of this ministry! If you are being called to join a current group, facilitate or join a new group, or would like to serve on the Small Group Ministry Team, I would love to hear from you!

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Alicia Huntley

Director of Small Group Ministries

Faith Study