Pentecost 23

“Let all who seek you rejoice and be glad in you. Let those who love your salvation say evermore, ‘God is great!’” (Psalm 70:4).

Next Sunday, November 19 at 12:00 noon our congregation will gather in the Parish Life Center (PLC) for our Annual Meeting. It is a time for all voting member-disciples of the congregation to gather together to conduct the business of the congregation as well as to discern how God is calling us to be Christ’s church in the coming year.

As always, one of the most significant items of business on the agenda for the Annual Meeting is the adoption of the annual budget. The annual budget of the congregation serves as a mission plan for how we are going to allocate God’s resources for the living out of Christ’s mission in and through St. John’s in 2018. Also on this year’s agenda is a motion from the Leadership Board to proceed with the proposed building renovation and addition that is designed to increase and grow our hospitality space outside of the sanctuary as well as to add much needed office space for our growing staff. Following much prayer, discernment, and listening to the congregation over these past many months, the motion that the Leadership Board is presenting reads as follows:

Motion to Proceed with the Proposed Building Project

The St. John’s Leadership Board moves that the congregation:

1) Approve the proposed renovation and addition project at a total cost not to exceed $1,389,000;

2) Grant the St. John’s Leadership Board the authority to add up to, but not more than $350,000 to the existing mortgage for the purpose of completing the project; and,

3) Grant the St. John’s Leadership Board the authority to take out a short-term construction loan not to exceed $500,000 to be paid off in its entirety no later than May 31, 2020.

At the Adult Forum this Sunday from 9:15-10:15 a.m. in the Adult Meeting Room (AMR), representatives of the Leadership Board, Finance Committee, and Property Ministry Team will be sharing more details with you about both the Proposed 2018 Budget and the Proposed Motion above. Please plan on being in attendance to learn more about how God is calling us to move forward in living out our mission to be and make disciples of Christ, in response to God’s grace. It is a most exciting time in the life of this congregation. Come and be a part!

Together in Christ +

Pastor Greg

Pastor Greg BusboomComment