Advent 2

“O come, O come, Emmanuel. Come to our hearts and in our presence dwell.

We wait in hope for peace once again. Return to us the joy of Bethlehem.”

-Pamela Martin


For many the time leading up to Christmas is flled with chaos. With parties to

host, presents to buy, traveling and visiting friends and relatives it can seem

like the list is never ending. There is always something else to do. We get

caught up in making sure everything is perfect. We get caught up in the presents, not the presence, during this busy season.

The prophets foretold of a time when a Messiah shall come and free Israel

once and for all. No more would the brokenness of humans keep them from

a relationship with God. 2000 years ago, God entered into the world, not

through a mighty king, but through a tiny baby, born in a manger. Through his

love for us, God gave us the greatest gift, Christ Jesus.

The gifts that God offers us through Christ Jesus are something that we could

never accomplish on our own.


“I have come to comfort those who mourn, to give them joy instead of sorrow,

hope instead of despair. My unfailing love will not be shaken; my promise of

peace stands forever.”

None of this would be possible without the power of God’s love that shines on

each of us. Even as our world seems to be falling into chaos and the darkness

seems to grow, we are reminded that the presence of Christ is always with us.

The light of Christ, the light that dispels the darkness, surrounds us each and

every day. This light, which burns in each of us, is the calmness our lives need.

When your life seems like the chaos is setting in, take time to sit in the presence of this light. Let the light of Christ vanish the darkness chaos seems to

bring to our lives.


Through the music of Mark Hayes and the words of Pamela Martin, it is our

prayer that during this season of rejoicing at the birth of our Messiah you will

be flled with hope, peace, joy, love and the light of Christ.

“Rejoice, rejoice, Emmanuel shall come in love, our darkness to dispel.”


Pastor Pam

Pastor Adam ConnollyComment