Pastor’s Message - Pentecost 9

 For the first time in St. John’s 147-year history, we now have three full-time pastors serving our congregation as we welcome Pastor Adam Connolly as our new Pastor of Outreach and Discipleship. Thanks be to God!

Growing the pastoral staff of a congregation from two to three is a big transition and will take some growing into. While all three of us—Pastor Adam, Pastor Pam, and myself—are each full ministers of Word and Sacrament in the congregation, sharing responsibility for preaching, teaching, worship leadership, and pastoral care, each of us will hold primary responsibility for different areas of ministry. Over the course of the next three weeks, I will use this Pastor’s Message to outline how this new pastoral configuration will work and who will be doing what.

As this weekend is his first weekend with us, let me start with Pastor Adam. As Pastor of Outreach and Discipleship, Pastor Adam will serve as the primary pastoral liaison to both the Outreach and Mission Vision Team and the Discipleship Vision Team. Under Outreach and Mission, Pastor Adam will relate to the Global Missions Team, the Social Ministry Team, and the Neighborhood Ministry Team. Under Discipleship, Pastor Adam will relate to the Children, Youth, and Family Ministry Teams, the Youth Adult and Adult Ministry Teams, the Small Groups Ministry Teams, and more. Pastor Adam will serve as the direct supervisor for Sam Neahring, our Director of Children and Family Ministries, and for the time being, will be serving as the primary staff person for our Youth and Family Ministries, working to grow and develop this important ministry in the life of our congregation.

Dividing the pastoral responsibilities for specific areas of ministry will help us better focus our time and energy, with each of us using our unique ministry gifts in those areas for which our gifts are best suited. It will also help ensure clear communication in and across ministry areas. Know that your feedback is always welcome and invited as we grow into this new way of doing ministry. We are church together! Again, join with me in welcoming Pastor Adam as, together, we live out our mission to be and make disciples of Christ, in response to God’s grace!

Equipped for discipleship +

Pastor Greg Busboom