Pentecost 17

Martin Luther called prayer “a strong wall and fortress of the church.” If he is right, and he is right, the mission and ministry of St. John’s is built on the right foundation.

WE ARE CHURCH TOGETHER as we PRAY . . . in worship.
We are one in the sanctuary and the PLC when we lift our prayers to the Lord.

WE ARE CHURCH TOGETHER as we PRAY . . . in groups.
Whether it’s a meeting, activity or other kind of gathering, we begin
and end with a time of prayer. Sometimes it’s sung together in a joyful, laughing, quick pace, like at a Sprout! meal. Other times it’s with bowed heads as we gather around a table for serious discussion. Youth activities often include the “popcorn” prayer as they shout out what they are thankful for.

WE ARE CHURCH TOGETHER as we PRAY . . . through the prayer chain. We can receive an e-mail every week inviting us to pray for specific people and situations based on requests for prayer turned in at worship. Be sure to put your prayer requests on the cards when you worship in the sanctuary, or in the prayer request book in the PLC. And, if you are not receiving the e-mail, you can do so by contacting Liz Kelley at

WE ARE CHURCH TOGETHER as we PRAY . . . in our homes.
“Growing Deeper” is the devotional available in print and online. Staff members share thoughts and prayers based on a scripture passage, inviting you to spend time with Jesus. “Taking Faith Home” invites families of all sizes to daily scripture reading and prayer.

Yes, WE ARE CHURCH TOGETHER as we PRAY. Together in Christ - to pray!

Pastor Pam MitchamComment