Baptism of our Lord

“In the beginning...”

The lessons we hear remind us of the new things God has done. We hear
in Genesis the new thing God did in creating everything in our world. Out of nothing, God created us and all things in this place we call our home. 2,000 years ago, God did another new thing. Christ Jesus, God’s Son, was sent into the world for us. We hear that in the Jordan River Jesus was baptized and God called out saying, “This is my Son”. In our own baptism, we are reminded that God called out to each of us, telling us that we are God’s children, and that God will always be with us.

God will also be doing new things here at St. John’s in 2018. Not only will God be at work through the building remodel and addition, but also through the existing ministries and the changing ministries and the new ministries that God will call us to do.

One ministry area that has experienced change already in 2018 is Youth and Family Ministry. Youth ministry is ever-changing and, as youth graduate and new youth enter in, there becomes an opportunity to evaluate the current programming and see if it is what the current youth are looking for. After conversations with youth and parents, Sunday nights were not working with schedules. In order to work with youth and family schedules, for the rest of the school year, Encounter will be paused to evaluate this ministry. I am grateful for all the youth who made Encounter what it was and for all the parents and volunteers who helped out.

By not having Encounter, there have been some schedule changes. The youth Bible Study is now on Sunday morning and will be a time to dig in deeper to the books of the Bible and look at them in a different perspective. Wednesday Night LIVE! is the new Wednesday night youth group. It will be a time

for fun, service projects, and to hang out with friends. If you are a high school youth, come and see what these new programs are. If you know a high school youth, encourage them to come and check out the new programs and see what God is up to in their lives.

In Jesus’ baptism and in our own baptism, we are reminded that God has called us his children. In our lessons today, we are reminded that God has done and will continue to do new things. In 2018, as we journey towards the new things God has called us to do, take time to listen and see what new thing God is calling you and St. John’s to this year.

Together in Christ,

Pastor Adam

Adam ConnollyComment