“Divided tongues, as of fire, appeared among them, and a tongue rested on each of them. All of them were filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak in other languages, as the Spirit gave them ability” (Acts 2:3-4). 

On that first Pentecost, God breathed the Holy Spirit into the church and the church began to move in awesome and powerful ways! Everywhere one looks these days here at St. John’s, the movement of the Spirit is evident. Let me outline just a few of the ways the Spirit is moving as God does a new thing in our congregation. 

First, next weekend, Memorial Day Weekend, May 26/27, we will move to our summer worship schedule. Worship will be held at 5, 8, and 10! See the complete schedule in the announcement further in this weekend’s Messenger. Don’t miss all that God will be doing in worship this summer! Worship weekly! 

Second, things are really starting to move with our upcoming building renovation and addition project! The Property Ministry Team has been busy meeting with architect Tom Hyde as construction drawings are being finalized. On May 24, the project will be let out for bids. Bids will be opened on June 14 and the Leadership Board will be selecting the General Contractor on June 18. Construction will begin very shortly thereafter. On Sunday, June 24, we will be having a special Groundbreaking and Celebration Worship Service at 10:00 a.m. in the Sanctuary followed by a special Congregational Picnic on the church lawn! Save the date today as we break ground on St. John’s future! 

Third, in anticipation of the upcoming construction project, we have started to move our staff offices. The staff will remain in these temporary offices throughout the duration of the project (hopefully completed in early 2019). So . . . where in the world will you find us? 

•Beginning Wednesday, May 30, all three of us pastors will be sharing office space in the music room off of the PLC Lobby. In addition, music staff Sue Hamilton and Carlo van Ulft will be in the music room as well. Let’s call it “cozy!” During these months, the choir will be rehearsing in the PLC. 

•Beginning Thursday, June 14, our church administrator, Rhonda Neubauer, will be in what is currently Pastor Adam’s office (across from the restrooms in the PLC). A work station will be set up in the PLC Lobby for Amanda Lawler, our Administrative Assistant for Office and Communications. 

•This past week, the following staff members already moved to their new locations. Tucker Good, our Director of Media and Communications, is now in his “old” office across from the restrooms in the PLC. Sam Neahring, our Director of Children and Family Ministries; Kristen Schmid Schurter, our Director of Spiritual Gifts Ministries; and, Alicia Huntley, our Director of Small Group Ministries, are now all sharing office space in Classroom E in the Lower Level. Taylor Justison, our Summer Youth Intern, will join them later this month. Again, the word “cozy” comes to mind! 

Surely that first Pentecost in Jerusalem appeared chaotic and confusing to those who stood watching all that was going on! Surely as the Spirit moves here at St. John’s over the coming months, there will likely be a good deal of chaos and confusion as well. Thank you in advance for enduring! Thank you in advance for your patience and flexibility! Thank you in advance for your courageous willingness to go wherever the Spirit leads! And, thanks be to God that God works through the chaos and confusion to transform both us and the world with the good news of Jesus’ saving love! 

On the move + 

Pastor Greg