Reformation Weekend

“For we hold that a person is justified by faith apart from works prescribed by the law” (Romans 3:28). 

Money equals ministry. Our annual General Operating Budget this year at St. John’s totals $1,031,562. This number represents all of the ministry that is done each and every day through our congregation. Out of this number, we purchase Sunday School curriculum for our growing Sunday School ministry, provide Vacation Bible School and Sunday night Encounter, pay the salaries and benefits of our three pastors and all of our other ministry and support staff, sponsor a missionary in Madagascar, provide over $120,000 in support beyond the walls of our congregation for ministry across our synod and the ELCA, heat and cool our 50,000 square foot facility for all who use the building day in and day out, purchase music for our choirs to share in worship, and much, much more! Not included in the above number is the $15,498 mortgage payment we make each and every month which comes from your ongoing generosity to the Be Bold Capital Campaign. The reality is that money equals ministry. The more money we receive, the more ministry we are able to do. The less money we receive, the less ministry we are able to do. These are the facts, plain and simple. 

Here at St. John’s, we work hard to make sure that the money we receive for ministry is used responsibly. While our annual budget of $1,031,562 can seem a bit daunting, this amount breaks down to just $2,826 per day, $118 per hour, and just under $2 per minute. To think that we are doing all the ministry that we are doing for under $2 per minute is quite amazing! 

As we look forward to Commitment Weekend on November 10-11, we are asking each and every disciple at St. John’s to consider growing their giving to the General Operating Fund in 2019 by ONE! Perhaps you can grow your giving by giving an additional ONE percent of your income as you grow toward the Biblical model of 10%. Or, perhaps you can grow your giving by moving up ONE giving range as outlined in the stewardship packet you received in the mail. Or, perhaps you can increase your giving by ONE minute per week ($2) or ONE hour per month ($118) or ONE day per year ($2,826). Whatever works best for you, your increase of ONE will be used for Christ’s ministry in and through this place! Remember, money equals ministry! 

As disciples of Jesus, we give not because we have to, but because we get to. As disciples of Jesus, we give in thankful response to all that God has first given us. As disciples of Jesus, we give out of the freedom we have from knowing that we are “justified by faith apart from works prescribed by the law” (Romans 3:28). As disciples of Jesus, we give to bear witness to the power of Christ’s death and resurrection in the world. As disciples of Jesus, we give . . . because Jesus gave. Money equals ministry. 

Plus ONE + 

Pastor Greg

Tucker GoodComment