Leadership Lab

Six High School youth from St. John’s participated in Leadership Lab this past July 23-28 at Augustana College in Rock Island. Leadership Lab is an annual Lutheran youth leadership development program sponsored by the three ELCA synods in Illinois – our own Central/Southern Illinois Synod, the Metropolitan Chicago Synod, and the Northern Illinois Synod. Participating youth from St. John’s included Emma Busboom, Luke Busboom, Alex Remolina, David Schmitt, Colton Scott, and Adam Sevener. St. John’s disciple, Colton Scott, a senior at Rochester High School, shares some thoughts of this year’s experience at Lab.

“The best way to describe Leadership Lab would be to call it an experience. It is an event that lets you bond with other Christian youth and build important leadership skills. Every year you go, you are taught a new life skill you can take home. These skills vary from leading others, listening for God, and planning large group activities. In between all the learning and bonding, they do know how to sneak in some fun. Twice a day every day, we go to Centennial Celebration. Celebration is best described as a church service made for you. Pastor Roy has a sermon that always follows the theme Bible verse and message for that year. After a long week of work and play, Friday night we get to have some relaxing fun. They set up multiple activities from watching a movie to playing board games which can last until 11:00 at night. At the end of Leadership Lab, we have a final celebration which is both a happy and sad experience. You get to go home, but you have to leave your friends, knowing that you have to wait until next year to see them. The drive home tends to be very quiet. After a very fun, sleep-deprived week, we tend to sleep on the way home after opening care cards our friends at Lab wrote for us.”