St. John's at Concordia

Where in the world is St. John’s?

St. John’s is at Concordia Village, a Lutheran Senior Services Retirement Community here in Springfield. Did you know that every Tuesday afternoon at 1:30 p.m., one of the pastors from either Faith Lutheran in Jacksonville, Grace Lutheran in Springfield, Peace Lutheran in Springfield, or right here at St. John’s, leads a ½ hour worship service, including Holy Communion, in the Concordia Village chapel? Many of the disciples from St. John’s who reside at Concordia Village attend the worship service each week. St. John’s disciple Rosemary Carlson, also a Concordia Village resident, spearheads the effort, inviting and encouraging Concordia residents to attend and participate. Often times, when one of the three pastors from St. John’s leads the service, they are joined by members of the St. John’s choir who share an anthem and help lead the hymn-singing. Occasionally, the CEO of Concordia Village, Jacque Bogner (also an active disciple at St. John’s!), pops in as well! The worship service is not limited to residents of Concordia, but is open to all. Can’t make it to worship on the weekend this summer? Try Tuesday afternoon worship at 1:30 each week at Concordia Village! The residents would love to have you join them! It’s one of the many places where St. John’s is this summer and all throughout the year!