Stepping out in Faith

Last Spring Pastor Greg gave his 8th grade confirmation class an assignment about baptism. 

Our daughter Elinor (with help from mom and dad) was to create a display board explaining what her baptism means.  We were hopeful that this assignment would help Elinor better understand how much she is loved by God.  We adopted Elinor from China when she was 8 1/2 months old. 

Before we knew Elinor,  before she was born, God knew her. 

bangerts simmons books-0070.jpg

God loved her first and He brought us together.  When we were in China to get our baby we thought about her baptism.  In Guangzhou we bought a white silk gown for her to wear when she was baptized at St. John’s not long after we returned home.  At the same time we were working with Elinor on her baptism board, another St. John’s family was working on paperwork to adopt their daughter from China.  We did not know the Bangert family and they did not know us.  Pastor Greg knew us all and we are thankful that he helped us to make a connection.  We kept in touch over the past year as they waited, were matched with Evie and then traveled to China in April to be united with her. We have enjoyed being able to encourage and pray for the Bangert family as they moved through their faith journey to add Evie to their family.  Our decision to adopt Elinor really wasn’t a decision at all.  God was calling us to take a step in faith and, if we did, He would provide both for us and for Elinor.  Is God calling you or someone you know to consider adoption?