St. John's to Partner with LSTC

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Currently a white collar sits in my dresser drawer, waiting for September 2. That is the day I begin nine months of Ministry in Context (MIC) at St. John’s, spending seven hours a week learning about how to be a pastor. I am halfway done with my seminary studies at the Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago, and plan to finish in December 2020. I am excited and nervous to start leading worship, preaching and teaching. I will also be doing a ministry project. The foundation of all this, and the part I am especially looking forward to, is listening and learning, particularly from lay people, about what makes an effective pastor. In addition to supervision and guidance from Pastor Pam, I will meet periodically over the course of the year with a Ministry in Context lay committee: Elizabeth Barkley, Colin Helton, Christine Lee, Mark Mifflin, Mistrale Yonpam Nacteta and Sara Schmitt. Your prayers for them and for me are greatly appreciated.

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