Epiphany of our Lord

This past week, while I was visiting family in Minnesota, I pulled out my 2019 calendar and starting filling in all the things that were already planned. Meetings, events, family weddings, vacations, the white space for each day grew smaller and smaller and I haven’t even entered in all the worship services for this year. And these are just the things I know about; there are going to be many additional additions. In the craziness of our lives and our world, it is easy for certain things to fall away from our lives. It can seem, at times, easy to push the church and God off to the side. “I’ll start reading my Bible next week.” “I’ll skip worship this week and go next week.”

When we push God off to the side, our spiritual center is lost. Our lives seem as if something is missing, because something is. We were created by God to have a relationship with God and with others. When we allow our relationship with God to take a back seat in our lives, everything doesn’t quite make sense.

Starting in a couple of weeks, you are invited to journey with fellow disciples through another Connect series. This winter’s theme is “Finding Middle C in our Chaotic Lives” and will revolve around keeping Christ-centered lives. In order to keep Christ-centered lives, we will look at our spiritual well-being, our relational well-being, our physical well-being, our financial well-being, and our vocational well-being. As we look at these important topics, we will also look at how they help us keep Christ in the center of our lives.

Although this is another thing to add to our crazy, chaotic lives, I believe that through this Connect journey, we will all be able to live more Christcentered lives as we grow in our relationships with God and with one another.

Connected in Christ,

Pastor Adam