Fourth Sunday After Pentecost - Pastor's Message

It’s hard to believe, but I already heard them. Yes, I heard the first commercial for a “Back to School” sale. It seems as just yesterday we were celebrating the end of another school year. Sunday School classes had their end of the year celebration. Confirmation ended with 22 of our youth gathering with youth around the synod for a week of Confirmation Camp. This upcoming week, we will welcome over 100 students and their families for our Vacation Bible School. Even though it seems Summer has just begun, we are reminded that next school year is quickly approaching.

It is easy to turn on the news, read an article in a newspaper or online, and see the great need in the world for our help. I think, however, it is harder to look at the need in our own community. We don’t want to think that there are people in our own communities that are just as in need as people on the other side of the world. As Christians, we are called to help all people, regardless of where they live, the color of their skin, which political party they align with, etc. Jesus doesn’t tell us to only help those that look like us. “Go and love and serve others” is our command from Christ. One of the ways in which we live out this command to love one another and to help one another, is through our acts of service in our community.

This summer, we once again will be collecting school supplies to hand out to children in our community. Without these school supplies, these students will start off their school year behind the rest of their classmates. Inside this Messenger, you will find a bookmark with the list of supplies we are gathering. As you are out shopping, we ask hat you pick up some of the items listed on the bookmark, bring them back to church, and place them in the collection bins. These supplies, along with those gathered by our Vacation Bible School participants, will go a long way in helping our community.

Last year, 70 children benefited from our generosity, and many others did from the extra supplies that were given to Dubois and Harvard Park Elementary Schools. This year, we hope to help at least 75 students. With your help, we can make this dream a reality.