Pentecost-Holy Trinity Sunday Pastor's Message

“Yet you have made human beings a little lower than God, and crowned them with glory and honor. You have given them dominion over the works of your hands; you have put all things under their feet” (Psalm 8:5-6).

One of my most distinct childhood memories is refusing to participate in a game of Frisbee with a bunch of my cousins. My parents were hosting a family cookout at our house and all of my cousins started a big game of Frisbee in the front yard. For whatever reason, my six-or-seven-year-old self stubbornly refused to join in the fun. Instead, I went into the house and did nothing. As soon as I was in the house I of course wished that I had joined in the fun. I wished I had participated. I wished I had been willing to get involved. Everyone else was having much more fun than I was, and for no other reason than that they chose to participate and I didn’t. What a bummer!

In the past couple of days, you should have received in the mail a two-part questionnaire seeking your input in the development of a master plan for our facilities, including the identification of our most pressing needs and priorities over the coming years. The goal of this master planning process is both to identify a first-phase construction project that can be completed using the funds currently being given to our ongoing Be Bold Capital Campaign and to identify longer term facility needs and dreams that we can begin planning for and working towards now, even as we meet our most pressing needs.

YOUR PARTICIPATION IS NEEDED!!! Please complete the questionnaire you received in the mail and return it to the church office no later than Wednesday, June 26. You may return it through the mail, in person, or by placing it the collection boxes on either of our Welcome Centers. Also, additional copies of the questionnaires are available before and after all four of our worship services this weekend and a member of our Campus Planning Task Force will be present to help answer any questions you may have.

In many ways, this new master planning process is a reset for us. As such, we invite you not to limit your imaginations to prior design plans that have been presented over the past couple of years, but instead to come to this process with a renewed imagination, helping us to think through all of the many possibilities that exist. As I learned early on in life, it is way more fun to participate in the game than it is to sit on the sidelines. Come join in the fun! And, who knows? There might even be a game of Frisbee involved along the way!