Second Sunday After Pentecost - Pastor's Message

The best decision I’ve made recently was to begin working out with a trainer. I never have to wonder what exercise to do next, how much is enough but not too much weight, or when I need to rest. My trainer created a plan just for me to become stronger. He got information from me, heart rate, blood pressure, weight, those kinds of things, and talked with me about what I wanted to accomplish through exercise. He also got information by noticing when I got tired and what was hard for me. My trainer monitored my progress as the workouts became more challenging. That’s the best part – my trainer knows just when to challenge me a bit more, to push forward in a new direction.

We pressed the pause button a year ago on building renovation plans. Like a good trainer, and knowing we weren’t ready to move forward, God slowed us down. We’ve had time to think again about who God is calling us to be and what we’re called to do. Like a good trainer, God knows what is hard for us, what we can handle, and when to challenge us to move forward. We are at that point now, ready to let God show us who we are to become and what we are to do as his followers. God, our best trainer, will lead us to a plan that will keep our facility a place of health, healing and wholeness.

Muscles get stronger as they are pushed just a little beyond what they think they can do. Disciples get stronger as God asks just a little more from us. St. John’s doesn’t need to know your heart rate or weight or how many push-ups you can do, but we do need to know your thoughts as we begin developing a Campus Master Plan. Please, please exercise your writing hand to complete the survey you received in the mail or through e-mail. If you somehow don’t have one, there are copies available at the Welcome Centers in the narthex and the PLC Lobby. We need them turned in no later than this coming Wednesday, June 26. Please exercise your heart muscle to pray for guidance as we move forward in the planning process.

Pam Mitcham1 Comment