Seventh Sunday After Pentecost - Pastor's Message

“Lord, teach us how to pray”

This weekend we will hear the disciples ask Jesus a question. Teach us to pray, they will ask him. The response they get will help shape one of the central prayers to Christianity, including nearly 2,000 years later. We often turn to Jesus’ teachings to look at how we should live our lives. The response we get from Jesus could not be clearer. Love God and love others, we are told. It seems like an easy task.

However, if we truly live like Jesus’ disciples we too are asked to do things that take us out of our comfort zone. Jesus doesn’t call us to remain in our little corner of the world. Instead, Jesus calls us to go out and to share our gifts with others.

This, I believe, is the importance of going out into our community, into the world, doing work in response to the gifts we have been given. We are not called to stay in our comfort zone, but rather to take the love and gifts we have been given and share them with others. This upcoming Labor Day Weekend, disciples from all across our Central/Southern Illinois Synod will be answering God’s call to come together in Mt. Vernon and to share our gifts of love and service to help out a congregation and a community that is looking to us to come and help. I urge you to prayerfully consider answering this call to help serve our sisters and brothers in Mt. Vernon.

Please let me know if you would like more information, or are interested in signing up. This will be an experience you will not regret taking part in.