Sixth Sunday After Pentecost - Pastor's Message

 Now you see them. Now you don’t. The altar flowers. They are there during worship, but where do they go after the service? The Altar Flower Delivery Team can tell you. St. John’s disciples take the flowers not needed by the donors off the altar, through the sacristy, down the hall and out the door. The arrangement might brighten the day for someone in the hospital or bring cheer to a home-bound disciple. The team looks for ways to care for people beyond our own disciples. It’s great to know how often the flowers you see on the altar Sunday morning rest at the bedside of someone in a nursing home who has never been to St. John’s on Monday. 

You don’t actually “see” the prayers offered by the Prayer Chain, but they are heard by our loving God. Not only does this e-mail ministry lift up our own needs, but prayers are offered for family, friends, and others we may not ever meet in person. 

St. John’s support groups also reach into the community to offer care and support. We are happy to have conversation with disciples, but are delighted that both our Alzheimer’s Caregivers Support Group and the Cancer Companions offer support and care to those outside our congregation. 

These caring ministry teams are only a few of the teams and groups and individuals who answer the call of Jesus to go out into the world and care for others. What gifts and talents and interests and energy could you use to care for others?