Surrounded by Ministers!

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Ministry is a word you hear frequently at St. John’s. But that isn’t just because it sounds churchy. Ministry means loving service in Jesus’ name, and it doesn’t stop at the church doors.

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The gifts God gives us through the Holy Spirit to work for the common good, our spiritual gifts, go out into the world with us. We are gifted for ministry when we sit down to dinner, when we drive the carpool, when we go to work, and when we wait for appointments. When we notice someone who is hurting or needs to be welcomed, when we see something that needs to be fixed or organized, that is our gifts at work, calling us into ministry.

Just as it says in Romans 8:28, God makes “all things work together for good.” God can use everything! Our gifts are made up of every part of who we are, even the parts we don’t like, and all our life experiences, including the hard ones. For example, when a baby was born prematurely to one of our disciples, three families who went through the same experience reached out to the parents. God uniquely gifts each person to share God’s love with the world. No one can minister in the exact same way we can.

THANK YOU to the 183 disciples who have pledged to share their God-given gifts of Time, Talents and Touch in the coming year. For more information about service opportunities at church or in the community, contact Director of Spiritual Gifts Ministries Kristen Schmid Schurter at 793-3933 x217 or To aid your discernment, five-minute Spiritual Gifts inventories are available at the Welcome Centers, and a longer version is at Administration, Encouragement, Faith, Generosity, Knowing, Leadership, Mercy, Serving, Teaching, Wisdom - which ones are you?

Kristen Schmid Schurter, Director of Spiritual Gift Ministries