Ministry Teams

St. John’s currently offers about 60 different ministry teams. Each and everyday, disciples act courageously in a wide variety of ways, whether that is by connecting with our neighborhood, caring for the homeless, visiting the sick, or even changing the air-filters. We as disciples use the boldness of God’s gifts as we continue to share them beyond the walls of St. John’s. Those who serve in a ministry will tell you that it is not easy work. It takes boldness from God every single time you take part; whether you decide to step in front of a welcome table, a prison, an international plane, or group of screaming children.

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Community Care

Vision Team: Leader, Jeff Pirmann  -  Lesslie Morgan, Janet Moulton  -  Tom Ryan

 Staff liaison: Pastor Pam Mitcham


Vision Team: Leader, Sharon Cassens  -  Carolyn Chambers  -  Chris Groth  -  Holly Haschemeyer  -  Katie O’Neill  -  Lucas O’Neill

Staff liaison: Pastor Greg Busboom

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Outreach and Mission

Vision Team: Leader Todd Bringuet  -  Kimberly Stevens

Staff liaison: Pastor Pam Mitcham



Vision Team: Leader Jennifer Read  -  Dennis Bomke  -Lisa Hartzler  -  Adam Reiss

Staff liaison: Pastor Greg Busboom

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Vision Team: Leader Greg Huntley  -  Aaron Duncan  -  Eleana Fielding  -  Marcia Mifflin

Staff liaison: Pastor Greg Busboom