Our Staff

Pastor Greg Busboom

Lead Pastor


Phone: 217.793.3933 Ext. 201
Email: pbusboom@stjohns-springfield.org

Pastor Adam Headshot.jpg

Pastor Adam Connolly

 Pastor of Outreach and Discipleship

Phone: 217.793.3933 Ext. 207
Email: pconnolly@stjohns-springfield.org

Amanda Lawler

Administrative Assistant for Office and Communications.

Phone: 217.793.3933 Ext. 209
Email: alawler@stjohns-springfield.org

sam headshot.jpg

Sam Neahring


Director of Children and Family Ministry

Phone: 217.793.3933 Ext. 206

Email: sneahring@stjohns-springfield.org

Alicia Huntley

Director of Small Groups Ministry

Phone: 217.793.3933 

Email: ahuntley@stjohns-springfield.org

Sue Hamilton

Director of Choral Ministries

Email: shamilton@stjohns-springfield.org



Carlo van Ulft

Director of Bells of Glory and Organist

Phone: 217.793.3933 Ext. 208
Email: carlo@venlocorp.com

Dwayne Varner 



Melissa Roselle

Preschool Director of Education

Phone: 217.793.3934 

Email: mroselle@preschool-stjohns.org

Courtney Peters

Preschool Office Manager

Phone: 217.793.3934 Ext. 303

Email: cpeters@preschool-stjohns.org

Pastor Pam Mitcham

Pastor of Community Care

Phone: 217.793.3933 Ext. 202
Email: pmitcham@stjohns-springfield.org


Rhonda Neubauer

Office Administrator


Phone: 217.793.3933
Email: rneubauer@stjohns-springfield.org

Tucker Good

Director of Media and Communications


Phone: 217.793.3933 Ext. 203
Email: tgood@stjohns-springfield.org

SCHMID-SCHURTER, Kristen; Coordinator of Spiritual Gifts.jpg

Kristen Schmid Schurter

Director of Spiritual Gift Ministires

Phone:  217.793.3933 Ext. 217

Email:  ksschurter@stjohns-springfield.org

Alison Storm 

New Disciples Coordinator

Email: newdisciples@stjohns-springfield.org


LAZARIDES-PURDY, Christie; Director Contemporary Worship.jpg

Christie Lazarides-Purdy

Director of Contemporary Worship

Phone: 217.793.3933

Email: clazarides@stjohns-springfield.org

Andy Lazarides

Youth and Young Adult Worship Leader



Brian Yokem 


Phone: 217.793.3933 Ext. 312

Terri Harms 

Preschool Director of Daily Operations

Phone: 217.793.3934 Ext. 302

Email: tharms@preschool-stjohns.org

Lori Spear 

Nursery Attendant

Phone: 217.793.3933 Ext. 210